Here are some of the many catalogues, press ads, brochures and mailshots that we've created copy for:

48 page catalogue forIndependence - Live life to the full


AFTER double digit uplift

For several seasons, the Independence Ltd catalogue of daily living aids had not been updated. We took a fresh approach, which included planning the layout, changing the look and re-writing most of the copy.

The new look resulted in a 4% sales increase from January-April 2013, despite sending 50,000 fewer catalogues compared with the same period in 2012.
Among the key changes made were:
  • Introducng benefit-led sub-heads
  • Shorter copy with a more active tone of voice and stronger benefits
  • Judy's Tip was given a makeover to appear more medical
  • Pricing was made clearer and use of black and red made the prices appear good value