Words that Sell has worked with many of Britain and America's best loved brands - like these here


When Aspace decided to launch a new range of gifts and toys for children in 2009, they asked us to write the words.

It was vital to capture the affectionate, yet world-wearily cynical tone of voice that has made Aspace so popular with parents


Donald Russell is one of Britain's leading mail order companies, which regularly receives staggeringly high responses to its online and offline mailings.

Mel Henson started writing for Donald Russell in 1998.

Director Ian Morrison says,"Mel's sales copy is written so well it looks easy to compose, but of course there is far more skill, thought and planning to the words that sell our products. Thank you - 11 out of 10."



This cheeky chappie featured on a leaflet written in 2000. Yes - I have been in the industry that long!


Muddy Puddles won a coveted ECMOD award for for this catalogue which helped the company grow by 50% in 2006-7. Mel Henson worked on later catalogues and the website helping to improve response rates and average order value. The brand was sold to TP Toys in 2010.

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